First World Problem Pills are 100% peppermint and solve all your everyday dilemmas. They are also 100% placebo and 100% of the profit goes to Aids Fonds’ aim to provide HIV medication to people who can’t afford it. Medication for medication that is.


No medication is a fatal mistake

Nearly 22 million people worldwide don’t have access to hiv medication. Which results in many people still unnecessary dying from the results of aids. Nobody should die of aids because of lack of medication. The profits of these First World Problem Pills will be used by Aids Fonds to provide people with access to hiv medication. These are medicine for medicine. Which means that our luxury problems can help solve a much bigger problem.


Cho’s story

Cho (15 jaar) has hiv

“I lost my parents to aids. There was a shortage in medication, so my mother was forced to choose between her life and mine. She chose mine.”